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Teacher of the Year 2019 - Jenny Hughes, Grand River Technical School, Business


Meierer and Hughes Receive Chillicothe School's Top Honors
By Angie Talken
01 08 2020 CT

During a staff event on January 6, 2020, recognizing members of the Chillicothe R-II school staff, Jenny Hughes was named the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year, and Evet Meierer was named Beacon Award winner.

During the annual staff appreciation event staff with 5, 20, 15, 20 and 25 years of service were also honored. Hughes and Meierer were named winners followed by biographies of each of their fellow nominees as read by Superintendent Dan Wiebers.

Hughes, a 9-12 grade business teacher at Grand River Technical School, said in an essay after she was nominated that, "As a business teacher preparing my students for their future is always my goal. I work hard to be a positive, encouraging influence on their lives."

Meierer, a custodian at Chillicothe High School, was nominated by CHS Principal and Athletic Director Dan Nagel. In his nomination form, Nagle said Meierer takes a great deal of pride in her work, "That is almost unheard of today," he added. "She is a beacon of light guiding the way in many areas in our district."

Nominees for Teacher of the Year included Tracy Miller, Field School; Libby Howe, Dewey School; Stephanie Baldwin, Chillicothe Middle School; Nancy Thorne, Chillicothe High School; and Hughes, Grand River Tech.

Nominees for Teacher of the Year. Jenny Hughes, far left, was named 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. [C-T PHOTO/ANGIE TALKEN]

Beacon Award nominees included Vicki Callaway, Chillicothe Elementary School; Kerrie Mattox, Field School; Natasha Renfro, Dewey School; Mark Pauley, Chillicothe Middle School; Meierer, Chillicothe High School; and Ruth Summers, Grand River Technical School.

Nominees for the Beacon Award. Evet Meierer was named the 2019-2020 Beacon Award winner. [C-T PHOTO/ANGIE TALKEN]

Reception January 22, 2020
5:30-8:30 p.m. Home of Edward Milbank

The Chillicothe Education Foundation fundraiser at the home of Ed Milbank raised $22,000 to assist the Chillicothe R-II School District in many ways. The fundraiser was held Wednesday night, January 22, 2020, and Ed Douglas, Board President, and other board members and attendees used the occasion to celebrate the Beacon and Teacher of the Year nominees and winners. Douglas thanked their host, Ed Milbank, a CEF board director, for providing his home as the venue for the event and the dinner for the evening.

Ed Douglas, CEF; Nominees for Teacher of the Year; and Dan Wiebers, CRII Superintendent (KCHI Photo)

Ed Douglas, CEF; Nominees for Beacon Award; and Dan Wiebers, CRII Superintendent (KCHI Photo)

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