Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium

Photo: Butch Shaffer 11 03 17

Stadium Press Box Gets Signage
CT March 10, 2015

Chillicothe High School's athletic stadium has a more visible identity now with signage installed on the front of the press box. Impact Sign Company of Sedalia was in town Monday and placed the words: "Chillicothe Hornets" across the top in 24-inch white letters. Below the name lists Chillicothe's football history, stating "State Champs" with the winning years listed inside 15-inch football designs: 1970, 1972, 1978, 1985 and 1991.

CT Photo March 10, 2015

When the new Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium was built a few years ago, no football history was displayed in signage. Under the scoreboard at the previous stadium, years were listed identifying when the Chillicothe Hornets made it to the final four, the semi-finals, and when they became state champions. CHS Athletic Director Dan Nagel said that most stadiums in the state have signage on the face of their press boxes identifying their schools and that adding signage and Chillicothe's football history shows pride of the school. The signage project was funded by the school and local foundations.

A New Era: Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium, Bob Fairchild Field Dedicated
August 27, 2012 C-T

CAPTION: History was made Friday evening with the dedication of the Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium and Bob Fairchild Field just north of Chillicothe High School. The $4 million facility was built entirely through private donations. The dedication took place just prior to the Hornets' game against the Marshall Owls.

A capacity crowd gathered at the new Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium Friday night to witness history as officials dedicated the stadium in memory of the late Chillicothe congressman and the playing field in honor of Chillicothe High School football coaching legend Bob Fairchild. The ceremony concluded with the Chillicothe Education Foundation transferring the property deed to the Chillicothe R-2 School District. The ceremony preceded the Chillicothe High School Hornets' first football game at the new $4 million stadium.

Photo Courtesy of Butch Shaffer

Five years ago, this plot of land just north of the high school was little more than a vacant field. But, from this piece of ground emerged a vision to construct a state-of-the-art sports complex. Less than a year ago, construction began on the facility, and Friday night marked the beginning of a new era in Chillicothe High sports.

Ed Douglas, president of the Chillicothe Education Foundation, welcomed those in attendance and recapped the development process for making the sports complex a reality. He stated that the previous stadium, originally built and used by Chillicothe Business College, was 90 years old. He said the facility needed a million-dollar renovation, but had no interest from donors in making the improvements happen. In addition, the former stadium, which had been given to the school district in the early 1950s, was a significant distance from the present high school and was land-locked, preventing expansion. Additionally, the former facility was limited in its track offering with just six lanes and limited parking availability was another issue.

Stadium Photos Courtesy of Butch Shaffer

Paid solely through private donations, the new complex sports an eight-lane track, a full soccer field, and artificial turf to allow greater opportunities of play after heavy rains. The facility also has a top-of-the-line lighting system providing twice as much illumination as at the previous field. The funds to construct the complex came from 225 donors, Douglas said. He noted that, at this time, there remains a $300,000 shortfall, and that there is still opportunity for interested individuals and others to give and become a part of the project. Donors of $1,000 or more will be noted on a permanent marker to be affixed to a wall at the stadium entrance.

Photo Courtesy of Butch Shaffer

About half of the complex's funding came from local foundations. Although foundations normally don't contribute to public projects, this stadium project was "above and beyond that which the school could reasonably be expected to do for themselves," Douglas said. Foundations providing $1.7 million for the project were the Mervyn Jenkins Foundation, Lenore Lambert Foundation and Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation. Representatives of each foundation were asked to stand and be recognized during Friday's 40-minute ceremony.

Photo Courtesy of Butch Shaffer

Douglas introduced members of the stadium committee: Robert Cowherd, Mike Turner, Tom Ashbrook, Dave Rogers, Brent Turner, David Neal, Ed Turner, Phil Willard, Dan Nagel, Roger Barnes, Julie McCoy, Andrea Graves, and Kathy Gilliland. "This is a great group of people," Douglas said. "They saw a need and filled it. They did a lot of work."

Douglas also acknowledged the Education Foundation, which provided land for the project and served as the entity for signing contracts and borrowing money.

Douglas introduced others involved in the project, including Mike Cole, Dave Copeland, McAnany Construction, J.J. Gates, Chillicothe State Bank, John Hutchison, Duane McCauslin, Jason Graves, Gary Willard, Wagner Chapman and Tim Marsh, the late Nancy Elliott, Brian Sherrow, and many others.

Douglas also expressed appreciation to the city of Chillicothe for being a unique town of which the sports complex is a part.

Douglas had members of the Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation step forward and be recognized. A short video of the late Congressman was played on the new scoreboard's screen.

Douglas introduced current Chillicothe Hornets football head coach Phil Willard, stating that "no one has put in the hours on this project like Phil by a magnitude of 10." Willard provided dedicatory comments about Fairchild, his predecessor as coach and for whom he played in the 1960s and served as an assistant in the 1990s, before asking Chillicothe cheerleaders to unveil the colored turf interlaced into the field's west sideline, designating the playing surface as Bob Fairchild Field. "It is with a great deal of admiration and respect that we name this field for a man who put in many hours at the old Litton Stadium, maintaining it, constructing buildings, and renovating the stadium in 1979," Willard said. "No one but Coach would know the hours he spent during the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s developing one of the best football programs in the state of Missouri." Fairchild's coaching legacy includes an overall career record of 307 wins, 79 losses, and five ties. He is a 1950 Chillicothe High School graduate and began coaching Hornet football in 1963, continuing through the 1997 season. During his time at Chillicothe, Fairchild led the Hornets to 287 wins, and five state championships (1970, 1972, 1978, 1985, 1991). He recorded four perfect seasons (1965, 1969, 1970, 1978). He had 61 all-state players and 142 all-district players. Fairchild's successful coaching career led to him being inducted into the Missouri and National High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame and the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. Willard asked family members of Fairchild to stand, as well as all former coaches and players of the retired coach. "I feel I was a lucky man," Willard said. "I got to play for Coach Fairchild and also coach with him." Fairchild then took a turn at the microphone, highlighting his first year in Chillicothe as head coach, and provided anecdotes about coaching the Hornets. "I feel honored that they've got my name on the football field, naturally, but more importantly it's all the kids I've coached - seeing them again," he said of the evening's ceremony. He extended words of appreciation for those who were involved in creating the new sports complex. "It is a beautiful place," he said.

In his closing comments, Education Foundation President Douglas applauded all who were involved in the stadium project. "This is something that I think we can all be proud of," Douglas said. "This is first class."

Douglas' final action at the podium was to present Dr. Roger Barnes, Chillicothe R-2 Superintendent of Schools, with a deed to the property.

Ed Turner, vice president of the Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation, said the late Charley and Mildred Litton, whose donation allowed the former stadium to be renovated in 1979 and extended its life for more than three decades, would be proud to have supported the new stadium and to have it continue to bear their son's name. "There is absolutely no question about it," Turner said. "The foundation has been strongly supportive of the athletics programs here at CHS from the mid-1970s on and continues to do so and will continue to do so in the future." "We're extremely proud of this facility," Turner said. "It's second to none. They've done a wonderful, wonderful job and we're so proud to be a part of it."

Sports Complex Track Asphalt Laid
08 01 12

C-T Photo / Paul Sturm

Crews began laying the asphalt for the underside of the all-weather track at the new Jerry Litton Sports Complex on Tuesday (August 1, 2012). It is expected that the all-weather surface will be laid over the top of this surface a couple weeks from now. The hope is that the entire sports complex will be completed by the 2012 football home opener on August 24, versus the Marshall Owls.

Hornets Scoreboard
07 10 12

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

The scoreboard at the new Jerry Litton Sports Complex north of the Chillicothe High School was set up recently. It will later be topped by an iron decorative arrangement, which was donated and completed by Chillicothe Iron and Steel.

Stadium Press Box
June 20, 2012

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

The stadium pressbox for the new Jerry Litton Sports Complex is taking shape at a rapid rate, as evidenced by this Wednesday morning photograph. The stadium complex's Bob Fairchild field continues to progress for the 2012-13 school year and football season. The R-2 district will be working on constructing a new high school parking lot at this time, as well.

Liquid Sod Sprayed at Stadium
June 7 2012

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

Family-owned and -operated, Kansas City, Missouri-based company Pro Landscaping spread "liquid sod" on the inclined areas south and east of the new Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium on Thursday. "Hydroseeding," as the process is called, consists of mixing premium seed blends, wood fiber mulch, fertilizer and water in a hydraulic machine to form a homogeneous, green-tinted slurry. This slurry is then sprayed - under pressure - uniformly over the soil surface at the material application rate. Hydroseeding is marketed as the "way of the future for turf," by Pro Landscaping. It shows no seam lines, prevents erosion, and is said to save up to two-thirds of the cost of laying normal sod.

Artificial Playing Surface For New Chillicothe School Sports Stadium Being Installed 
May 09, 2012
Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

Installation of the artificial playing surface of Chillicothe's new school sports stadium was begun Wednesday, May 9, 2012. Other work at the facility also continues and figures to pick up pace again over the next week as drier, warmer weather is currently forecast following a recent wetter, cooler spell.

Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

The artificial playing surface for Chillicothe's new school sports stadium began to be rolled out Wednesday morning, May 9, 2012. The turf's color design alternates shades of lighter and darker green every five yards. Each roll of "carpet" is a bit over five yards wide with the field-wide white yard line in the middle. Once rolled out, the strip's long edges are trimmed to make the distance between the yard lines correct.

Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

While some measure to make certain the yard lines are exactly five yards apart, others trim off the excess from the artificial surface for Chillicothe's new multi-million-dollars school sports stadium just north o the high school Wednesday, May 9. The turf will alternate lighter and darker shades of green between the yard lines. The stadium is expected to be ready for use at the start of the 2012 fall high school sports season this August.

Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

Viewed from behind what will be the back of the grandstands on Wednesday, May 9, the partially-unfurled artificial turf for Chillicothe's new school sports stadium adjacent to the high school began to make the facility's north end look a bit like the football and soccer field it will include. The football goalposts were erected a couple of weeks ago. These are the support beams for the large new scoreboard/video message board which will be a prominent feature of the new stadium.

Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

A prominent feature of the new Chillicothe schools sports stadium at the high school will be a combination scoreboard and video message board at the west end of the football field's north end zone. A special feature will be decorative iron trusswork fabricated and donated by Chillicothe Iron and Steel which will top the board. The school's mascot name Hornets with Hornets logos on either side will be affixed to the truss, with the wording and logos comparatively larger than they appear in this rendering by design firm Athco, Dan Nagel, CHS athletics director, says. Nagel currently is coordinating the sale of both video advertising messages (10 or 30 seconds in length) and signage to be displayed on the board. Revenue from the advertising will help pay for stadium operating costs and upkeep. Nagel will answer questions and send full information to any business possibly interested in the unique opportunity. During school hours, he may be reached by phone at 660-646-0700 or email.

Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

The external shell of the locker room and storage building at Chillicothe's new school sports stadium is nearing completion, as of May 9, 2012.

Constitution-Tribune / Paul Sturm

With plumbing and electrical components in place, the concrete was poured Wednesday, May 9, for the base of the building which will house both restrooms and the concession stand at Chillicothe's new school sports stadium.

Stadium Green-Up Coming Soon
04 25 12

C-T Photo / Paul Sturm

Substantial strides have been made for the new Jerry Litton Memorial Athletics Complex stadium with the goal that the facility will be completed by the start of the 2012-13 fall sports season. On Tuesday, the felt underlayer for the stadium's field, was rolled into place. Blading/grading equipment then spread gravel across it (activity seen in the above photo).

Perhaps as soon as next week, the 2-tone green artificial playing surface of Chillicothe's new Jerry Litton Memorial Athletics Complex stadium could be in place as the project continues at a good pace according to a project spokesman yesterday. While some dirt work continues, other features of the new facility, such as the base for the locker room, are in place or soon will be. Tuesday, the "felt" underlayer for the stadium's field, material used to help keep the larger rock base from working its way up toward the surface, was rolled into place.

Blading/grading equipment then spread cleaned, 1-inch gravel across it. Atop that will go a mix of chopped-up rubber and smaller gravel which provides the combination of cushioned firmness and drainability directly below the artificial surface.

The spokesman for the project told the C-T the running track probably is about a month away from being poured. The spokesman indicated the stadium construction is considered to be solidly on schedule to be ready for the beginning of the 2012-13 football and fall sports season. When complete, it will become home to Chillicothe High School's football, soccer, and track-and-field programs as well as being used for physical education activities and other purposes.

In addition to the field preparations, the concrete pad for the locker room/storage building also was poured Tuesday.

A Birds-Eye View
CT 04 13 12

Photo Submitted by Bill Kieffer

From up above, the new stadium north of the Chillicothe High School building is looking more and more like the usable product it is expected to be by the fall of this year. This photograph was taken Thursday, April 12, 2012, when the skies were still clear, and the rain had not yet begun to fall upon the area. The makings of what appears to be the track around the field area can be seen, in its elongated "O" shape.

Lights Up at New Stadium
March 22 2012

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

Light pole fixtures (four, in all; one is missing, above) were erected out on the new stadium grounds just north of the Chillicothe High School earlier this week. The poles were set on Monday (March 19) at close to mid-day, according to CHS Athletic Director Dan Nagel.

New Stadium Taking Shape
March 8, 2012

CAPTION: Workers graded smooth and flat the field area for the new stadium being built north of Chillicothe High School on Tuesday afternoon. Plans and construction items for the new stadium north of the Chillicothe High School are either on or ahead of schedule in several aspects, sources close to the matter say, due to the mild 2011-12 winter season. "We're hoping to have pretty much everything done by Aug. 1," said CHS Football Coach Phil Willard. That includes turf, track, bleachers, concession stands, locker rooms and restrooms, he specified.

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

Construction work on the project broke ground back in Oct. 2011. The stadium is being paid for through the Chillicothe Education Foundation, in the amount of $3 million-plus. It is entirely funded via private gifts, including support from local entities like the Jerry Litton Memorial Foundation, the Joe and Lenore Lambert Foundation, and the Mervyn W. Jenkins Foundation, the Roger Browning Foundation, the F.M. and Gladys McCall Foundation, the Hedrick-Lawson Foundation, the Chillicothe Community Foundation, and the Orscheln Foundation. Many businesses and individuals across the area have also donated to the new stadium through the Education Foundation, led by Chillicothe State Bank.

The stadium property sits on 60 acres of land just north of the Chillicothe High School building. The land was purchased by the Education Foundation several years back.

McAnany Construction Inc., of Shawnee, Kan., is the general contractor for the project. Michael Cole of MW Cole Engineering, Inc., (a former CHS alumni), is the stadium engineer.

Most recently, pile-grading work was been occurring on the grounds, Willard said, in preparation of the laying of concrete. Installation of utilities will follow. "We hope in the next few weeks that they'll be able to do that," he added. "We're supposed to have some weather next week. The rain will slow us down a little bit." "We just want it done right," he said. "The good thing is, [if bad weather does slow construction time,] we can always play at old Jerry Litton [Memorial Stadium] until it's finished."

The current Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium, adjacent Grand River Technical School, is over 80 years old. Its age, along with its proximity away from the High School building, were driving factors in the upstart of the new stadium project. Along with the current dirt work, drawings are also being put together for the approval of several permits for the stadium. "Once those get done," Willard said, "I'm sure there will be plenty of activity out there."

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke, 12 23 11

CAPTION: Among items discussed during Tuesday night's meeting of the Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education was the future of the Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium. Shown above, the Chillicothe Education Foundation is building a new stadium sports complex just north of the high school (which is expected to be completed at the end of next year). Once this occurs, the current stadium, just west of Grand River Technical Center, will be left vacant. The board is seeking public input on ideas for usage of the stadium. Some ideas discussed on Tuesday included (but were not limited to): using the stadium for middle school athletics, using the property to expand GRTS in the future, stripping down the worn all-weather track and graveling the surface for community usage, and using the stadium to host Grand River Area Family YMCA football games.

Future of New Stadium
By Paul Sturm, Constitution-Tribune, Dec 29, 2011

C-T Photo / Paul Sturm

CAPTION: Mike Turner, Phil Willard, Mike Simmer, and Ed Douglas all pose in front of the area designated for the new Jerry Litton stadium being constructed by the Chillicothe Education Foundation. State Bank (of which Simmer is the President) is handling the stadium loan, and the bank also provided the largest corporate donation for its completion.

As 2011 exits and 2012 enters this weekend, the "out with the old, in with the new" theme certainly applies to a long-sought and long-awaited project which likely will continue to impact Chillicothe and its public school system well into the latter half of the 21st century. In less than three months since the Chillicothe Educational Foundation announced it had garnered sufficient pledged financial support to back a loan to build a new multipurpose stadium just north of the Chillicothe High School, a majority of the necessary excavation/ground work has been completed . That puts the project in position for the new calendar year to usher in installation/erection of the stadium's surfaces, superstructure, and buildings.

As the project continues to advance through the loan secured through Chillicothe State Bank, the effort to assure that the facility can be constructed to efficiently and effectively serve the school district and community not only in the near term, but well into the future, remains ongoing.

Pledged donations from locally-connected foundations, community-based organizations, corporate entities, and highly-successful individuals were accumulated over the past handful of years to establish the backing for the loan to construct the basics of the stadium and associated facilities. However, to enhance the stadium's immediate functionality and appearance and its long-term sustainability as an effective public asset, the educational foundation is in the still-early stages of an extended campaign of seeking additional, smaller donations from current and past community members, school alumni and past athletes, and businesses. Just as more than 50 years' worth of Chillicothe High School and junior high/middle school athletes have benefited from extensive public and private investments of time and money into the former Chillicothe Business College stadium now known as Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium, the foundation believes present-day Chillicotheans and those who utilized the now-aged and outdated facility will want to step forward and share in providing similar opportunities for not only current students and residents, but generations to come.

The foundation has established many levels of 3-year-pledge financial contribution to the project. Contributors at any level will be recognized in a permanent display at the new stadium.

New Stadium for CHS
09 29 2011

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

CAPTION: Dirt work on the new CHS Stadium complex has begun on the north side of the high school. Construction activity will begin immediately with the installation of the new fields this fall. The buildings (including locker rooms, concession stand and press box) and bleachers will be built early next year, with the anticipation that the project will be completed for the 2012 fall sport season.

The Chillicothe Education Foundation today announced plans to build a new Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium complex north of the Chillicothe High School. The stadium complex will include a synthetic turf field for multiple sport use, as well as a football field, full size soccer field and an eight-lane track. The project has a cost of over $3 million and will be totally funded by private gifts. Supporting this project are many local foundations, including the Jerry Litton Memorial Foundation, the Joe and Lenore Lambert Foundation, and the Mervyn W. Jenkins Foundation, the Roger Browning Foundation, the F.M. and Gladys McCall Foundation, the Hedrick-Lawson Foundation, the Chillicothe Community Foundation, and the Orscheln Foundation. Other donors include numerous local businesses and individuals, led by the Chillicothe State Bank.

This project began a number of years ago, when the Chillicothe Education Foundation purchased approximately 60 acres north of the high school for future expansion by the school district. Five years ago, a group representing the Foundation went to see a former Chillicothe resident, who gave $100,000 as seed money for the stadium project. Since then, an enthusiastic group of school supports has been working towards this result.

One of the driving forces for this project was the fact that the existing Jerry Litton Stadium is over 80 years old and is badly in need of majors repairs which, with the inclusion of a new turf field, would have cost over $1 million. No party was interested in spending that amount of money on the old stadium.

Additionally, the old stadium is separated from the high school, which makes physical education at the High School very difficult. As an example, students who run the mile in physical education classes run on the gravel parking lot and in wet weather, because there is no suitable place for outside physical activity. The new synthetic field will be available for use - even in wet weather - for physical education classes, band practices, football, soccer, track, softball and baseball. Also, the old stadium was landlocked, so there was no room for a full soccer field or an eight-lane running track. The new stadium will allow the soccer team to play inside a stadium, and will enable the school to host track and field meets, which have recently been lost to other towns due to the condition of the track, and the fact that the existing track has only six running lanes.

Representatives from the three largest donor Foundations - Litton, Lambert and Jenkins - were all extremely interested in building a new stadium that they believe is a once in a lifetime opportunity. These foundations all believe that the school district and its patrons have the responsibility of building school buildings for the district, but they believe this project is an "above and beyond" project, that would be very unlikely (if not impossible) to be done by the school district in the foreseeable future. It should be noted that no school district money will be used for this project. The R-II Board of Education is very supportive of this project, but the Education Foundation and the Stadium Committee thought it very important with the current state of the economy that the school district not spend any of its funds for this project. This will allow the school district to allocate all of its resources to educational programs and facilities.

Construction activity will begin immediately with dirt work and installing the new fields this fall. The buildings (locker rooms, concession stand and press box) and bleachers will be built early next year with the anticipation that the project will be completed for the 2012 fall sport season. McAnany Construction Inc., located in Shawnee, Kansas, is the general contractor for the buildings. Michael Cole of MW Cole Engineering, Inc., a CHS graduate, is the engineer for the project.

According to those close with the project, Chillicothe Hornet fans should be "wowed" by several new features included with the stadium (in addition to the new synthetic turf and track), including improved locker rooms, top of the line lighting, improved concession and restroom facilities, and a new electronic scoreboard. The project is funded with five-year donor pledges and will be financed with a loan from Chillicothe State Bank. The Education Foundation will own the property throughout the construction period, after which time it will then be given to the school district. The Board of Education will determine the ultimate use of the existing stadium property.

Finally, the Hornet Booster Club will embark on a community fund-raising campaign to obtain the last $200,000 necessary for special items to complete the project.

Representatives for the Chillicothe Education Foundation and the Stadium Committee are excited about this opportunity to enhance the athletic programs in Chillicothe with this new stadium complex. The officers of the Chillicothe Education Foundation are Ed Douglas, president; Brenda Fellhoelter, secretary; and Mike Turner, treasurer.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley / 10/11/11

CAPTION: The landscape just north of the Chillicothe High School parking lot is rapidly changing as dirt is moved as part of the construction process for a new stadium. The new Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium complex is expected to be completed by fall 2012.

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Foundation Acquires Land for Future
Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, Friday, May 30, 2003

2003 Land Acquisition (20632 bytes)Caption: What is now little more than idle farmland could be transformed, one day, into an entire education complex as part of the Chillicothe R-2 School District. The Chillicothe Education Foundation announced Friday, May 30, that the foundation has acquired 61 acres of land just north and northeast of the present high school. The foundation will hold onto the property until a time when the district and its patrons are ready to build. Members of the foundation, representatives of the schools and school district as well as donors who made the acquisition possible were present for the ceremony. This picture was taken north of the high school with the camera pointed in a northeasterly direction. -- C-T Photo by Catherine Stortz Ripley

The Chillicothe Educational Foundation took a significant step in supporting Chillicothe R-2 School District's future by securing enough land to someday accommodate an entire educational complex. The land amounts to 61 acres and is located north and northeast of the existing high school.

Foundation officials as well as school representatives and donors gathered on a small plot of land overlooking the new acquisition during a celebration ceremony held at 10:30 a.m. Friday, May 30, 2003. R-2 Superintendent of Schools Dale Wallace welcomed those in attendance and introduced Ed Douglas, who serves as president of the Chillicothe Educational Foundation. Douglas explained that the foundation received the gift of a 15.6 acre tract from Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Hutchinson, and has purchased an adjoining 45.6 acre tract of land from Dr. and Mrs. Donald Metry.

The foundation will have ownership of the land until the school district has need of it for future building expansion; at that time,Ed Douglas (3833 bytes) needed land will be deeded to the schools at no cost. "We believe we are providing for our school system and the students in the school system for the long term, possibly for the next 100 years," Douglas said. He said the gift and acquisition consisting of the additional 61-plus acres will allow the school district to put all potentially needed new school buildings on one campus location. There is sufficient land for new elementary, middle and vocational schools, football and baseball fields, a bus barn and administration offices, he said. "We obviously don't know for sure that all of these buildings will be built on this location, but we think it would be great to have the ability to put everything together, even if the time frame ranges from 20 to 50 years."

"We are extremely grateful to C.P. and Dot Hutchinson who have very generously given a valuable tract of land, in addition to the 24-plus acres that they previously donated for the high school," Douglas said. "Additionally, Donald and Cynthia Metry were very helpful and cooperative in allowing us to acquire their adjoining property on very reasonable terms." Douglas further stated, "In addition to providing for the future of our school system, we think another benefit of this acquisition will be the positive effect on future proposed bond issues for new schools; having land available at no cost will positively impact voters."

Superintendent of Schools Dale Wallace was elated by the news. "Members of the school board and I are thrilled by the purchase made by the Chillicothe Education Foundation," he said. "This will be a benefit for generations to come... This sets the course for this school district and the community for forever."

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