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Teachers apply for mini-grants through a grant proposal distributed each year by the district office. Applications are reviewed each fall by the CEF Mini-Grant Committee. Those awarded mini grants are then able to use those funds toward the cost of materials and items necessary to complete each project.

2010 Mini-Grants

On Friday, September 24, 2010, the CEF Prize Patrol, along with school administrators, presented $4,000 in mini-grant awards to the following teachers and projects for the 2010-2011 school year.

CT Photos by Amanda McKay
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Angela Peterson and Kim Kieffer - CHS
"Never Miss A Word"

Mary Pat Whiteside - CHS

Kristi Clampitt - CMS
"Picture Perfect"

Ashley Hawkins - CMS
"Open Mic Poetry Night"

Billy McGraw and Shelly Turner - Field School
"Flipping Out for Reading"

Terria Cox, Alexandra Long, Bryan McKay, Cortney Murphy,
Savannah Phillips, Lacey Waters - Central School
"Missouri Marathon"

 Melissa Englert - WINGS Program
"Invention Convention"

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2009 Mini-Grants Awarded
Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Friday, October 16, 2009, the Chillicothe Education Foundation Committee, along with Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Linda Gray Smith and Vice Superintendent Wade Schroeder, visited four schools in the R-2 district to award 2009 mini-grants.

The Prize Patrol met at Chillicothe High School where a mini-grant was awarded to 12th grade English teacher Lisa Rule for her project "Kindling the Reading Fire with the Kindle." Rule was awarded $500.

CT Photo by Amanda McKay

The Patrol, entering with buzzers and balloons, awarded a mini-grant in the amount of $500 to Stan Baldwin for the project "Technology Through Robotics." Baldwin gave most of the credit to student Drew Jones, who had written the grant.

CT Photo by Amanda McKay

Chillicothe Middle School was next on the tour with a stop at Kristy Clampitt's sixth grade language arts classroom in the gymnasium. Clampitt was awarded a $500 mini grant for her project, "Books for Everyone." Clampitt is a two-time winner.

CT Photo by Amanda McKay

Billie McGraw at Field Elementary was awarded a $1,000 mini-grant along with the remaining third grade teachers for the project "Listening to Literature and Loving to Read."

CT Photo by Amanda McKay

The last stop on the tour was at Central School, where the fourth grade teachers, Terria Cox, Stephanie Affield, Ellen Gott, Bryan McKay, Savannah Phillips, and Lacey Waters, were awarded a mini-grant for $1,500 for their combined project "Missouri Marathon."

CT Photo by Amanda McKay

The total amount awarded was $4,000 and was celebrated by recipients. CEF Committee members are Julie McCoy, Lindy Chapman, Brenda Fellhoelter, superintendent Dr. Linda Gray Smith, and vice superintendent Wade Schroeder. Each schools' principal, Tony Perry, Bryan Copple, Paula Grozinger, and Philip Pohren, were also invited to participant in the awards. Education Foundation committee members unable to attend were Ed Douglas and Inger Young.

On The Hunt
Constitution-Tribune, Laura Schuler
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aidri Carden, Trae Toot, and Claire Shipp examine a loom at the Grand River Historical Society Museum today during a field trip. Fourth-graders from Central School were on a scavenger hunt at the museum as part of "Missouri Day."

Along with visiting the museum, the students also viewed murals in downtown Chillicothe and had scheduled Missouri Knowledge relays at Simpson Park in the afternoon, following a picnic lunch.

The project is all related to the Mini-Grant project awarded to the 4th grade teachers by CEF this fall.

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2008 Mini-Grants Awarded
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mini-Grant applications are sent to every teacher in the Chillicothe R-II School District. Grant applications were due October 1. Wade Schroeder, Asst. Superintendent, sat down with four other Education Foundation Board members and reviewed all of the applications. After discussion, the Mini-Grant winners were selected based on the impact each project will have on students. Students may gain direct contact with the Mini-Grant by utilizing a physical item that students handle while other students may benefit because the teacher is able to obtain a tool or tools that allows for improved classroom instruction. Ether way, the Foundation encourages Mini-Grant applications that are positive for kids. The last item considered is the amount of money requested. To the credit of the Education Foundation, the Foundation gives as much as it can afford each year. The Education Foundation Committee was pleased with all of the projects and agreed that the projects were well thought out and were all centered around educating students.

CEF Prize Patrol pictured at CMS.
Photo by Amanda McKay, C-T

2008 Mini-Grant Winners and Amounts

  • Nancy Nowland and Stephanie Affield - "MENTORING AUTHORS" - Mini Grant award of $440.00
  • Jana Shira - "Entrepreneurs" - Mini Grant award of $500.00
  • Kristy Clampitt - "Picture Perfect" - Mini Grant award of $500.00
  • Ellen Gott - "ReBag It" - Mini Grant award of $500.00
  • Mindy Swartz and Nancy Elliott - "CMS Connections" - Mini Grant award of $432.00
  • Shelly Turner - "Back to School Boot Camp" - Mini Grant award of $500.00
  • Kim Kieffer - "No Strings Attached" - Mini Grant award of $399.00
  • Rachel J. Moore - "Instant Messenger 2008: The Elmo TT-02S" - Mini Grant award of $692.00 ($500 from CEF)
Nancy Nowland (Dewey) and Class
Photo by Amanda McKay, C-T
Kristy Clampitt (CMS)
Photo by Amanda McKay, C-T

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