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Teachers apply for mini-grants through a grant proposal distributed each year by the district office. Applications are reviewed each fall by the CEF Mini-Grant Committee. Those awarded mini grants are then able to use those funds toward the cost of materials and items necessary to complete each project.

School Year 2020-2021 Mini-Grants

Spring Winners
February 24, 2021

Several Chillicothe R-II staff members received good news Wednesday morning when Superintendent Dan Wiebers surprised them with certificates naming them winners of the 2020-21 Mini Grant Winners for the second semester. The Chillicothe Education Foundation funds the mini-grant competition each semester in its commitment to supporting excellence in education. This round of mini-grant winners included eight applications which totaled $3,485.84 in winnings. The funds from the grants will be used to enhance the classroom experience and upgrade equipment throughout the District. Superintendent Dan Wiebers expressed his thanks to the Chillicothe Education Foundation and noted that the competition for these grants is always very competitive and the latest installment of entries was no exception. "We just have incredible teachers and staff members willing to go the extra mile to make sure our students are thriving in our buildings," Wiebers said. He added, "Thanks to the continuing support of the Chillicothe Education Foundation, our staff can utilize new and different technology and teaching strategies to keep students interested, involved, and excited about learning new things."

Holly Noneman, CMS Lily Pyrtle, Dewey

The winners of the 2020-21 Mini Grants for the second semester were:

Jeannette Johnson, CMS - Yearbook Camera Accessories: $441.32
Holly Noneman, CMS - Creating, Constructing, and Composing the Percussion Section: $125.00
Kari Snyder & the CES Building Leadership Team, CES - Let's Get Moving on Our Playground: $475.00
Shelby Ward and Ellen Hansen, CES - STEM Bins for Our Youngest Hornets: $499.72
Sonja Daley, GRTS - Seize the Clay: $500
Lily Pyrtle, Dewey - Creating Coders with Sphero: $489.95
Julia Reeter, CES - REAL Authors!: $458.85
Jamie Sullivan, GRTS - Health Care Literacy Library: $496.00 (Patty Palmer Memorial Mini-Grant)

Kari Snyder & the CES Building Leadership Team, CES Shelby Ward and Ellen Hansen, CES
Jamie Sullivan, GRTS

Fall Winners
November 3, 2020

The Chillicothe Education Foundation hosted a pancake breakfast for the District Staff at their In-Service Training Monday morning. Foundation Chair Ed Douglas says they also handed out a total of $5,340.31 in mini grants. The grants ranged from $300 to $500. Douglas says they finished up with a Bingo game; but what the staff members didn't know was everyone had a winning card. They all called out bingo at the same time; and all the teachers and support staff received $50 in chamber bucks. Douglas also made announcements about the Teacher of the Year and Beacon Awards. Application deadlines are end of February, 2021, and then interviews will be held. Selections and the annual reception will be held in April, 2021.

Upgrading Camera Technology for CMS Yearbook

Jeanette Johnson - CMS Yearbook (6-8)


Give Them What They Need

Brooke Wolf - CES (1st)

$496.03 (Patty Palmer)

Let's Get Formative

Deborah Hardy - CMS (7th)


Teaching in a Time of COVID

Sophie Chambers, Mindy Kincade, Natalie Leamer & Melanie Rucker - Dewey (4th and 5th)


Lego Mindstorm Education EV3 Core Set

Doug French - CMS (6th-8th Computers)


Instrumental Music Instrument Repair Kit

Sarah Cavannah - CHS/CMS (6th-12th Band)


Supporting Social Emotional Learning at CES

Jackie Smith - CES (K-1st)


Structured Teaching and Learning for All

Amanda Gott - CES (K-1st Special Education)


Overcoming Math Anxiety with Art

Terria Cox - Field (3rd)


Cybernated Michelangelo

Brandon Dennis - GRTS (10th-13th)


ACT PrepFactory Funding

Fallon Forbes - CHS (10th - English)


Performance Speaker

Matthan Mrkvicka - CHS/CMS Vocal Music


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